Hanson is a character from The Curse of the Komodo. He was portrayed by Ted Monté.


He used a Norinco SKS Sporter rifle and he owned Norinco MAK-90, Taurus PT92, Finnish Mosin-Nagant M39, Daewoo K1 / K2 Assault Rifle, Ruger Mini-14 and a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE).



Halfway through the movie they are attacked by the Komodo and Tiffany is cornered by a tree, he and Drake came to her rescue by shooting the Komodo dragon with his Norinco SKS Sporter (albeit uselessly, all their bullets don't affect the monster). She is shooting at the komodo with her Ruger Mini-14 and is devoured by the Komodo, the Komodo then swings his tail and hits Hanson, cutting his throat. He later reanimated as a "zombie" due to the Komodo's saliva and bit Nate in the arm. He was finally killed by Drake with a kick to the head.