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Tarbosaurus bataar
General information
Name meaning "Heroic Alarming Lizard"
Time period Late Cretaceous (70 mya)
Location Mongolia
Diet Carnivore
Height >10 feet (Carnosaur)
12-17 feet (Reality)
Length >30 feet (Carnosaur)
33-40 feet (12 metres) (Reality)
Weight N/A (Carnosaur)
5-6 tons (Reality)
Media Statistics
Novel canon appearances Carnosaur (1984)
Movie canon appearances

Tarbosaurus (meaning "alarming lizard") is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that flourished in Asia about 70 million years ago, at the end of the Late Cretaceous Period. Fossils have been recovered in Mongolia, with more fragmentary remains found further afield in parts of China.

Although many species have been named, modern paleontologists recognize only one, Tarbosaurus bataar, as valid. Some experts see this species as an Asian representative of the North American genus Tyrannosaurus; this would make the genus Tarbosaurus redundant. Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, if not synonymous, are considered to be at least closely related genera. Alioramus, also from Mongolia, is thought by some authorities to be the closest relative of Tarbosaurus.

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Like all dinosaurs in the novel, Tarbosaurus was created by Lord Darren Penward which has found dinosaur DNA fragments in fossils and has used them as a basis for restructuring the DNA of chickens.

Tarbosaurus was the biggest carnivore in lord Penward´s private zoo and was frequently mistaken for a Tyrannosaurus, much to Penward's annoyance. After it´s escape it killed a couple of people in the residence of it´s countryside. During the breakout, it caused a majority of the damage to the estate. Attempts to drive back or kill the dinosaur with shotguns and hunting rifles fail to hurt it and only succeeds to further drive it into a rampage. In its warpath, it kicks down multiple fences and destroys Penward's helicopter when his men attempted to use it against the dinosaur. In addition to human fatalities, it also fought and killed a sizable portion of a lion pride. In the end it is hunting in the streets of Warchester. It was killed in the end by using of a firefighter truck's hose to force it back into a shopping mall that was collapsed on top of it.


  • Tarbosaurus bataar is the second largest Tyrannosauridae member, being only slightly smaller and less robust on average than Tyrannosaurus rex with the largest Tarbosaurus bataar specimens being comparable in size. This has fueled some debate as to if it is actually is a second member of the "Tyrannosaurus" genus, and is thus christened Tyrannosaurus bataar in some circles.