The Eden Formula
The Eden Formula, also known as Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is a 2006 television B-movie using footage from Carnosaur. It was written and directed by John Carl Buechler for SyFy.


When industry spies break into a top secret lab at Calgorin industries, they accidentlaly let a T-Rex loose, which wreaks havoc into the lab before breaking out into the streets of Los Angeles.


  • Jeff Fahey as Dr. Harrison Parker
  • Tonny Todd as James Radcliffe
  • Dee Wallace as Rhonda Shapton
  • Miranda Kwok as Kate Lo


The Eden Formula was filmed at California, in the United States

Relation to the Carnosaur SeriesEdit

The movie is strongly connected to the carnosaur films mostly for using recycled footage of the T-Rex in the two first movies of the series.

Home MediaEdit

The Eden Formula was released on DVD on February 20, 2007.


The reviews were mostly negative, due to the dinosaur being a puppet.The movie is taunted on many websites about the quality, and is often considered as one of the worst SyFy channel films of all time.